Friday, July 11, 2008

- Guci, The Beautiful Scenery in Tegal, Central Java,

Tegal is a regency in Central java Province . It is about 200 kilometres from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It is about seven hours by car to get to Tegal. The capital city is called Slawi, about 14 kilometres from Tegal City. Tegal's neighbour include Pemalang Regency in the east, Banyumas Regency in the south, and Brebes regency in the south and west. Tegal has several tourism objects. One of them is Guci which is very popular.

Guci is one of the tourism places in Tegal, which is located in the slope of Slamet mountain. This is very beautiful place. Besides its beautiful scenery, Guci is also popular with its natural hot-water bathing place.

The Hot-water bathing Place of guci is located in Bumijawa district (one of the districts in Tegal regency), about 30 kilometres from Slawi, the capital city of Tegal Regency (Kabupaten Tegal ). There are ten water falls in Guci bathing place. One of them is known as Pemandian Pancuran 13 (13 water-spout bathing place) because in this bathing place there are 13 water spouts. In the 7th spout out of 13 spouts, People like to take a bath. It is believed that the water in the 7th spout can cure any kinds of skin

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