Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mp3 Download: - 7 Things : (by Miley Cyrus)

7 Things
Remember that movie, "10 Things I Hate About You?" Well, neither do I, probably because I haven't seen it, but along with Sex and The City, Miley Cyrus is apparently a fan of that too. So naturally, such a topic must be converted to song form, but along the way, she lost 3 things, and gained 7 more. The first list is seemingly what the 10 things is, including the 7th thing she hates about her guy is how much she loves him. Who didn't see that coming? She still is a property of Disney after all.

Anyways, to make up for the 7 things she hates, she comes up with 7 things she loves about her lover. Ahhh... How sweet! Sarcastic maybe, but what did you expect. While it is good that she is doing something slightly original, it's not exactly in my realm, but I'm not a girl under 18. So her audience will of course love her and erect alters for her, and bow and worship at her feet. For the rest of us, it actually isn't that bad of a song. Actually, it's good. I wouldn't say pretty good, or great, but just good. Really people, she isn't inventing the wheel.

Overall, happy love pop that will sure to please every Miley fan that's still allowed to listen to her after Sheet-Gate. And as probably Miley's biggest hater, I can say that this song isn't half bad.

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